Body Hamster Checker Widget


This is a sample of the body hamster checker widget.
Please copy and paste HTML tags below to include the widget on your blog.

How to Use the Widget

A widget (gadget) is a small independent program that you could insert in the empty spaces on your blog such as the sidebar. It could be easily installed on your blog.
The body hamster checker widget counts number of hamsters in your body. Number of hamsters indicates how many hamsters are in your body, through conversion of your extra flesh to number of hamsters using comparison of their weight.
The widget is installed on your blog by copying and pasting HTML tags above. Please refer an explanatory note in your blog service to use the widget on your blog, if you want to know how to install it in detail.
The widget needs to use JAVA script. Some conditions, such as OS or browser, can not carry out the widget.
The widget is provided with no guarantee.
NARUTO Widget is also available.


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